Discard Sourdough sandwich bread

The yummiest and EASIEST sandwich bread you will ever make!

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sourdough discard cheese crackers

These crackers last about .5 seconds in our house! They are my kids favorite lunch snack with some deli meat or just a quick snack to grab without crappy ingredients when we're on the go! You can really make this recipe whatever you would like! Add different spices and cheeses to it & come up with different variations. Hope you enjoy them as much as we do! 

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sourdough discard chocolate chip cookies

I have made a loooot of sourdough cookies in my life and these ones beat them all every.single.time! They are moist like a cake but chewy like a cookie at the same time! My kids scarf these up so quick & nothing makes my mama heart happier than when my family can enjoy the treats I have made! 

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sourdough stuffed pizza

My husband has been missing his favorite pizza place in arizona [barros if you're familiar!] and being the competitive person I am I had to make the best darn pizza he had ever had tonight! **spoiler** he said I succeeded! ;)

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jalapeno raw cheddar sourdough loaf

Do you ever have a wild itch to do something different and it turns out amazing?! That was this loaf tonight! I was making our weekly sourdough loaf for dinner and usually I will make a sweet loaf for us to enjoy for the week too! [my recipe makes two loaves!] Tonight however I looked in the fridge and saw a block of raw cheddar & a jalapeno and thought, "YEP THIS HAS TO HAPPEN!"

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Sourdough French Toast Overnight Bake

Sourdough French Toast overnight bake is one of my favorite breakfast treats to make for my family. The raspberries in this recipe take it to next level delicious.

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Sourdough Bread Recipe

Nothing is better than fresh baked bread! This is my tried and true process for making sourdough bread for my family and friends.

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Cinnamon Sugar & Coco Sourdough Bread Recipe

Cinnamon and coconut sugar sourdough bread is a crowd favorite in our home. It doesn’t even make it to the cool down phase before it’s gone. It’s a simple sourdough variation to add to your recipe book.

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Sourdough Discard Banana Muffin/Bread Recipe

These are perfect easy dish for those bananas you just didn't get around to eating on time. My kids LOVE these muffins (or bread) in the mornings!

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