vintage boys room makeover

I love making our home as cozy as possible! I was so excited to redo our boys room into a vintage war room! Both my boys love all things history and war so I knew their room needed to reflect that.

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welcome to

The journal

I love sharing tid-bits of my life,
wellness, the Gospel, encouragement,
and so much more.

ultimate chicken coop shed

This chicken coop was a labor of LOVE! We spent hours upon hours watching youtube videos, reading books & asking advice from friends who have chickens on what to do with our coop and what to use etc! We wanted to make sure it was a large coop so we don't feel constrained on the amount of chickens we can have now or in the future and we wanted it to be cute on the outside since we have frontal land. Also lets be honest I'm a suckers for cute decorating and the coop was no exception! I will share what we used and have some links at the end.

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we got chickies and what we're doing to keep them thriving!

I feel so giddy writing this blog post! Its my first blogpost for the homestead & by golly WE'RE DOING IT Y'ALL!!! In true Shelby fashion I purchased 15 chickens from Valley Hatchery online & 17 showed up ... WHOA. So here I am taking care of and nurturing 17 chickies as quietly as I can in our rental garage and bribing neighbors with snuggles to keep quiet until we move next weekend.. oops. ‍

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