I'm Shelby - I love encouraging moms to live fruitfully and intentionally.

I hope my little digital home leaves you feeling encouraged to live your life with purpose in what the Lord has blessed you with – whether it be motherhood, marriage, extending & living in His grace!

Amateur Homesteaders

If you told me I would want to homestead someday - I would have laughed!

No really - I would have laughed hysterically. It wasn't until recently the Lord put it on our hearts to seek a place where we could rest and grow together as a family. We might not get this journey right every step of the way, and we might be learning as we go, but we will do it together. Our family is actively looking for our home sweet home on whatever amount of Land he has prepared for us to start our journey while proclaiming His name through it all.

The Fun Facts About Me
random things


My husband and I both knew we were getting married on our first date.


Go big or go home

I always order a large drink when I go places and it never fails – I only drink a quarter of it. But my husband knows not to dare bring home a small.



Even though I always wanted to be a mom and pictured it for my life – my pride got in the way early on in motherhood. That’s why I’m so passionate about being humbled in motherhood to really see the joy & sanctifying work that lies within it.

The truly important things about me.

The quiz

never without

a pack of gum, chapstick & a baby holding my hand

favorite travel memory

taking the kids to the mountains in Idaho and escaping for 10 whole days with no technology - just nature!

probably listening to

worship, a sermon or a podcast

coffee order

latte with oat milk and 1 pump hazelnut

probably making

bread or pastries

learning to

enjoy the moments in front of me & not rushing to the next

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