August 2, 2022

ultimate chicken coop shed

This chicken coop was a labor of LOVE! We spent hours upon hours watching youtube videos, reading books & asking advice from friends who have chickens on what to do with our coop and what to use etc! We wanted to make sure it was a large coop so we don't feel constrained on the amount of chickens we can have now or in the future and we wanted it to be cute on the outside since we have frontal land. Also lets be honest I'm a suckers for cute decorating and the coop was no exception! I will share what we used and have some links at the end.

We purchased a 10x10 shed from home depot! I can't link the shed because this exact one is no longer available but any shed will do! It came unassembled so we had to assemble it and then added flooring on the inside which is just cheap laminate flooring on clearance from home depot! The paint colors are Alabaster from sherwin williamns and the door is mixture of different blues and grays from sherwin williams!

We added windows on each side of the coop to help with circulation. [I will link all these things at the end!] I also added a garden box just from home depot and shutters from amazon!
I knew for sure I wanted a walk in area in the coop. I did not want to walk into straight chicken bedding when entered the coop. We put our treats for the girls and our Saturday lime [which is AMAZING for bugs etc!] on a chair here to keep spiders out of it. I also hung up a peg board to keep a broom [need to get one haha] and some others things like an egg basket when they start laying on it! We wrapped the inside of the door in hardware wire to keep predators out in case anything were to get into the coop.
You can see the entry way better here and door that Jake my husband built with a friend out ours! They said it was really simple and not complicated at all.

On this side of the coop I just keep a rake and extra HEMP bedding! We dont keep food bags in the coop because of predators and insects. We do the 'deep litter' bedding method which only needs to be cleaned out once every 12-18 months! amazing!
we will add a door right here and cut out the wire in the nesting boxes so we can grab eggs without having to go in the coop once the girls start to lay eggs in the fall!
their roosting bars are just 2x4 from home depot and latches holding them up! 
We got these nesting boxes from amazon and I think they will be great once the girls starting laying their eggs! 
we chose an automatic chicken door so we can let them go in and out without having to wake up early ourselves in the morning hah
our chicken run is completely covered by hardware wire so help from predators and we put cinderblocks all around the border so predators can't dig under their run!
under the cinderblocks is hardware wire so they can't dig up the ground to get into the run either!
Them raccoons are tricky so you want to use carabiners to latch your locks! We also use washers to help secure the hardware wire.
I knew I wanted a double dutch door on the run so I can come out here and give the girls scraps without having to let our any of the chicks!

Here is the link so the chicken coop things we used! 

Chicken coop essentials

Paint colors: Sherwin Williams-Alabaster and blue sherwin williams paint mixed together

Shed: 10x10 shed from home depot

Hope y'all enjoyed the coop! We love it so much and so far have been really happy with it!

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