January 19, 2022

Setting Your Day Up for Success

Hey Sisters!

its not secret at this point I thrive in a system atmosphere. I don’t even need that system to have pretty tabbed binders and organized folders. No I just need it to make sense to me and I think that’s why a lot of us get to dragging our feet in systems because we’re trying to mimic others and their systems.

I had to sit down one night and ask myself, “what makes my days goes the best and smoothest?”

My list included this:

  • time with the lord
  • a workout at least 3x a week
  • a cup of coffee
  • time to brush my hair and teeth before kids are up
  • time to get ready while kids play
  • dinner ingredients in fridge for me to cook a good meal
  • 1 load of laundry done a day
  • being able to clean before and after the weekend
  • having rest at the end of the night with my husband

Nothing crazy on this list like “binders galore, matching pillows on my couch, rugs that feel like pillows on my feet, and kids who never fight.”

I wanted things that were tangible and doable so I could actually feel like I could get a handle on my life and home to a point of peace! So once I had my list I chose a time to wake up and what time to get my kids up. I get up at 5-530am in the mornings when I work out and 6-630am when I don’t work out.

As long as I have my nose in my bible and my teeth brushed before my kids get up I feel accomplished. My kids get up at 7am everyday and I get them up myself. My kids haven’t had trouble staying in their rooms but I have heard great success from *THIS LIGHT LINK* from friends who set it to go off at a certain time to green to let their kids know they can leave their room!

After breakfast time I let my kids play while I head to my room to throw on some clothes and maybe some make up. I pick out their clothes and we get dressed for the day then head downstairs for homeschool time! After this we will have lunch and some more play time before we all do a bit of quiet time. This can look like an actual nap for my kids or individual play time in their rooms. This is the time I am able to get some laundry done, clean up what I need to clean up around the house, get some of my work done with social media or somedays I just need to take a 30 min nap on the couch myself.

I have had a system in place that I clean my house on Friday mornings and Sunday nights. This helps set up my weekend to be restful for us and it starts my week off on the right foot! I let the kids help me on Fridays or I let them snuggle on the couch with a snack and watch a movie together!

Having these small systems in place helps me stay on task but doesn’t overwhelm my heart with stress to complete too many thing at once. Have a small list of ‘must haves’ to make your week feel at it’s best and everything can come and go! Don’t let the overwhelmingness of motherhood, homemaking, being a wife, and whatever else cripple you.

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