April 2, 2022

Lets chat wellness with littles!

Hey sisters,

I realized 4 years ago when my daughter was getting sick non stop that my kids health really was my responsibility and it started at home. We were on very tight budget and seeing the prices of wellness online caused me to have a mini panic attack. I started saving money from every paycheck that I could muster up or take from another envelope [we do Dave Ramsey!] and slowly over time I have been able to build up our stash of wellness. I also always utilize black Friday or sales to stock up because I know we will use these right up since they are our tried and true vitamins!

Wellness supplements for children

I recently got these silver cups to help the kids take all their morning vitamins and we are big big fans! Way easier then always doing individual spoons of each one.

kids vitamin cups - stainless steel

We use primarily Mary Ruth and Young Living vitamins with a few other small shops mixed in!

Mary Ruth Organics:

  • Daily Multivitamin
  • Vitamin C
  • Immunity Boost
  • Zinc
  • Oregano [only if having sick symptoms]
  • Vitamin D3K2

Young Living:

  • Kidscents Probiotic
  • Immupro [has melatonin so give at night we use when sickness is around or showing signs]
  • Ningxia
  • Multivitamin chewable [I use these more when were on the go]
  • Oils: thieves oil, frankincense, R.C., breathe again, raven, tummygize, snifflease, lavender, geranium, and tea tree are some of our main go to’s

Shelby's Wellness Bundle

This wellness bundle has everything I love from young living but feel free to pick one thing and start there! No need to get it all but wanted a landing spot for all my wellness favorites from young living for you.

Purely Parsons elderberry syrup is our favorite that we have tried! It is under $20, lasts forever and you can make it as you need so you’re not having to waste any!

This is our regimen 365 days a year. In colder months we just add a little bit extra support or I up the vitamin c and zinc intake we have. Your wellness shouldn’t start once you're sick or not feeling well. We must prepare our bodies everyday by what we put inside them for the days we do get sick but sickness is not avoidable.

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