July 24, 2022

kitchen renovation

We finally found our home and the process of making it OURS has been the biggest blessing and joy ever! When we found our home I knew the kitchen had so much potential! The natural light in here is absolutely dreamy in the morning and the big green wood behind us! ahh it just is the most precious space! With a lot of hard work, creativity and paint we made it the coziest space. I am in the kitchen majority of my day serving my family & I couldn't be happier with how this space turned out! Let me show you some before pictures before I show you the end result!

I loved all the natural light this home brought in! I have always thought I wanted an open floor plan with our home but I actually have LOVED how secluded the kitchen is in the house. It's like my own little cozy cottage I can find peace in! This space had a strict budget so I shopped around a lot for the pieces we chose in here to make sure we stuck to it!

we ended up going with butcher block for the counter tops which was SUPER cost effective! We looked at the butcher block from home depot but it didn't fit our space and wouldn't work. So we went to floor and decor for our! Here is the link for the one we chose: butcher block
we chose to go with shiplap vertical with our back splash over our counters. We were thinking we wanted bead board but honestly those boards are VICIOUS and just straight up annoying to work with. We chose snap in boards from lowes for this project and they worked great! The color we did our kitchen walls and back splash in is: sherwin williams alabaster

the shelving in our kitchen is just scarp wood from lowes and some wood anchor from lowes! We chose to paint them the same color as the backsplash to keep is bright and airy! The shelves cost us about $30! 

For our sink I knew I wanted a big white farmhouse sink so keep the space cottage & cozy feeling! We ended up going with one from home depot that we felt was the best cost! Our faucet is also from home depot and i'll link it here for y'all: sink and faucet

This kitchen island was the PERFECT piece! I looked for so long for an island and those things can go anywhere from 1200-4000 dollars! I was shook! I found this one for $500 and I have been SO happy with ti! Its sturdy & holds so much stuff to keep this a working kitchen just like I dreamed of! You can get the island here: kitchen island

We ended up painting our kitchen cabinets 'ball and twine' by sherwin williams! I love the coziness of the color so much! I painted the cabinets with primer and then got this color in 'cabinet paint' and made sure to do 3 coats of it! I did NO sanding before painting and they have held up great! 

We had NO idea what kind of flooring to do in here! The previous owners had cheap vinyl roll out flooring in here that was bubbling and already peeling up! We wanted to keep the cost low but still get a cute and unique design! We ended up getting this taylor tile from home depot on sale for $2 a sq foot! The cost of installation [we did our laundry room too!] and kitchen rounded out to $4k: kitchen tile here
I found this little shelf at our local thrift store for $5. It was the perfect piece to go above our stove to hold our spices! Our spice containers are WECK jars! I absolutely LOVE weck jars! I buy them from the website because amazon will rip you off with them. Here is a link to their website: find weck jars here

these peg holders are from the container store! linked here
to be honest this kitchen table is 100% too big for this space but i love it way too much to get rid of it! It is one of my favorite pieces! linked here
My granpda made this table! It should to be our TV stand but I can't ever imagine it being anything else again! I love how it holds our dry goods since our pantry is very small in this house! Most of my jars are thrifted or from 'wecks' website! I also collect them from big containers we get from costco or wholesale stores!

this space has some open shelving that I just covered with some plywood and stained it! Extra storage for linens and I use the bottom shelf to rest my sourdough on! 

PHEW! There is the kitchen renovation! I am so so pleased with how it turned out! It feels super bright but cozy and a place I look forward to being in all day! The total cost of the renovation [including new appliances and flooring!] was about $10k! Which was our budget so I'm super happy we stuck to it. Especially in todays crazy economy and market! Here is a link for my amazon store front which has a lot of the links for decor, lighting and accessories!

Kitchen gadget links! 

Kitchen decor and light links!

Kitchen paint colors:

walls- sherwin williamas Alabaster

cabinets- sherwin williams Ball & Twine

I hope this blog post was helpful for y'all and thanks for checking our our new updated kitchen!

xoxo, shelby

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