April 2, 2022

Having Courage to Live in the Uncomfortable

Hey Sisters,

lets talk about living in the uncomfortable. It’s a place a lot of us avoid and that includes me. In fact I have avoided it for so long with planners, tasks, and regimens that when it did creep into my life [because it will] I would crumble. Like straight up find me in a hot bath with tears streaming down my face blasting worship music and feeling crippled to my core.

I did a study of Ruth at our home church in Arizona over a year ago & my perspective of the uncomfortable got completely flipped on its head. In the story of Ruth and boaz we see Ruth lose her husband and follow her MIL Naomi to Bethlehem. No promise of a husband [no husband back then meant you had to work hard to just survive]. She wanted to care for her MIL & live in the uncomfortable of knowing absolutely nothing of what was to come. What I love about Ruth so much is she truly encompassed a servant heart for those around her. We see later on in Ruth that she meets a man name boaz who was a relative of naomi who she marries and bears a son named Obed. Obed was the father of Jesse who was the father of David.

The lineage to Jesus had begun.

Ruth never got to see the huge impact her uncomfortable choice made. She never got to see the savior who she had only heard about be brought to life because she chose to pick up her life and move with no idea of what her tomorrow would bring. She didn’t get to look at this monumental moment and say, “wow I’m so thankful I did the uncomfortable thing.”

and that’s the point. We may be in a season of harvest we may never get to reap ourselves.

That my sisters is true servant hood. When we choose to live in the hard knowing that God will get the glory with no expectation of us seeing the fruit ourselves but solely trusting that he is a finisher. He is the great I am. He is the God who leaves nothing of His broken. He is absolute and complete.

God sees you. He does not  forsake His.

“For the Lord will not abandon His people,

Nor will He forsake His inheritance.” Psalm 94:14

It’s in the moments of the uncomfortable that we get to put our palms up and say, “its yours God. All of it.”

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