April 2, 2022

DIY kitchenaid repaint

My family was so gracious to bless us with this kitchen-aid TEN years ago as a wedding gift! I have loved it dearly but I haven't had it on my counter for years as I don't love the color red. So I finally decided what did I have to lose if I painted it?! It is 10 years old and by golly I want it on my counter for my daily baking soo....

We took a deep breathe and DID IT! first I took of the little bits that I didn't want to have to meticulously painters tape over and it was soooo simple to remove these small pieces and reattach later on! 

After cleaning up the whole piece very diligently with thieves cleaner and a sponge I took some 80 grit sandpaper and sanded it down so the paint had a better chance as sticking to the surface! 

This was after 2 coats & I ended up doing 3 for good measure! I was not at all picky about it being somewhat textured looking because I just think that adds some character! I went ahead and used a Matte clear epoxy over the top of it to assure it wont chip overtime too much! 

I'm still shook at this before and after to be honest! I wish I would have done it sooner but so thankful I just bit the bullet and did it!! I will say I can see it chipping overtime especially in spots like where you take and put the bowl back in but just take it outside and spray paint it a little bit and let it dry overnight and you're good! I bet I get 6m-1yr out of it before I have to do touch ups! I bought 2 cans of spray paint to be cautious and only used about 3/4 a can so I have it saved now for later days if it chips! 

If you're thinking about painting your kitchen-aid. JUST DO IT! 

**CLICK HERE** for the products I used on this! also check out my instagram @shelbymaryann for a video on the process as one of my most recent reels!

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